Our Science

Cognoa’s products are based on the iterative improvement of proprietary machine learning and AI approaches, tightly coupled with clinical validation.

parent using cognoa app with child

A proactive approach to pediatric
behavioral health

Our technology enables a more proactive approach to pediatric behavioral health by reducing barriers to care, streamlining workflow for physicians, and empowering parents.

Increases access

Decreases the burden on the growing shortage of specialists.

Use of mobile phones alleviates dependency on physical location.

For example, on average, the distance between an autism resource and those who need it can stretch to more than 50 miles for those in rural states like Wyoming and Nevada, or even 100 miles in Alaska. But that distance can also shrink below 4 miles for those in more urban states like New Jersey. Source: https://www.ksl.com/article/46650278/study-shows-distance-between-children-and-autism-services-in-the-us.

Allows parents and children to supplement existing therapies at home.

usa map of autism resources
data analysis for physicians

Enhances clinicians’ ability to make decisions and render a diagnosis:

Machine learning can analyze large volumes of data much more quickly, analyzing hundreds of patient features and extrapolating thousands of data points in ways clinicians can’t.

Especially in behavioral health, there are overlapping symptoms and conditions. Machine learning algorithm can diagnose conditions with speed and accuracy using a data-driven understanding of behavioral health.

Increases accuracy: machine learning applied to patient data can determine current and future state more accurately, particularly given complexity of behavioral health.

Incorporates data previously impossible or difficult to get such as child’s natural behavior at home.

Allows more rapid innovation and iteration

Cognoa’s method is based on the iterative improvement of data-driven predictive models, tightly coupled with clinical validation to drive scientifically demonstrable improvements to standard-of-care diagnostics and therapeutics.

Graphic that shows machine learning improvement over time.

Improves Outcomes

Provides opportunities for earlier treatment within the critical early intervention window when neural pathways of the brain are developing.

Eventually, AI can be used to measure the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions to modify treatments in more informed ways.

Reduces co-morbidities associated with later diagnoses.

Graphic showing synapse formation and synapse pruning.
science empowers parents

Empowers Parents

Enables them to act on early concerns. Parents generally detect behavioral delays long before their doctors.

Actively engages them in both the diagnostic and therapeutic process.

Improves communication with their trusted family doctor and equips them to impact their child’s behavioral health and development.

Earlier diagnosis and more
effective treatments.